Map of Catalunya
In this series of posts, I am chronicling my trips outside of Barcelona in a bid to explore more of Catalunya’s beautiful countryside, towns and coastline.  Catalunya (in Catalan, Cataluña in Spanish, or Catalonia in English) boasts a spectacular variety of treasures to unearth, and if you are spending more than a weekend in Barcelona there are plenty of incredible places to visit within easy reach of the city.
Barcelona is the perfect hub for starting your travels, and most locations can be reached by public transport for those of us (like me) without a car.  In fact all the trips I take are through public transport unless specified otherwise, so rest assured these are easy trips to take if you’re here for a long time or fancy a break from the city.
For some more ideas of where to go Time Out published this beautiful collection of photographs of Catalunya – so I’ve added all of these on to my list!  I still have a long way to go but one step at a time as they say: check it out here is also a good resource to help plan your visit further

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