Feeling Grumpy in the Rain

Me this morning
Me this morning

So what to do in Barcelona on a rainy Saturday, when you can’t sleep and your head has its own miniature marching band inside it….  That is the question that posed itself this morning.  A similar question often arises, but with better weather, so in those cases during the summer the natural answer is crawl up to the terrace & lie in the sun for an hour or so.  However, when the weather isn’t up to scratch (despite being gloriously sunny if chilly all week at work of course) what to do now?  Apart from lie in bed and write a blog post that is.  I did try & go back to sleep for a while; 6 hours sleep is definitely not enough for me.  But that didn’t work.  I eventually gave up and made some breakfast, but had to leave the kitchen thanks to the church nearby apparently having a beginners’ bell ringing class at 10am.  That did not soothe my aching head.  Hopefully the paracetamol I’ve just popped will kick in soon.

Perhaps I should get up and go to a museum.  But you have to pay for those on Saturdays; Sunday hangover days are better for that when most are free after 3pm.  Or the aquarium perhaps, but that’s probably full of children.  It feels like a waste to go somewhere with nice views – they’re much better in the sunshine.  The truth is I’m stumped.  For all the thousands of activities in Barcelona, the fact is it is a sunny city – and most activities are based around the assumption that the sun will have his hat on and that he’ll be coming out to play.

I am definitely moaning about first world problems here, but this is a problem nonetheless – tiny violins at the ready please!

I am tired of wearing jeans and boots every day.  What about shorts and flip flops again?  My jeans are tighter than they were before Christmas (that’s what you get for eating and drinking your own body weight every day) so I am longing to get back into my summer clothes for both comfort and style!

Not my Bag Baby
Not my Bag Baby (not that desperate)

(Winter here is thankfully quite short, but in the rain I always struggle to get out of the house.  What did I do in England when the weather was crap pretty much every weekend)?  Sit on the sofa and watch repeats of Big Bang Theory on E4 all day.  Or go to the pub.  Or do the same kind of things I did every day, because I was so used to it raining I just went about business as normal and if I stayed in every time it rained I would have never left the house!  Maybe I could take up a hobby.  Knitting maybe?  Stamp collecting?  Not quite me somehow….

As January rumbled by, and February is now upon us, it often make me wonder what on earth I did last winter when I couldn’t chill out in the park, sunbathe on the terrace or enjoy a cheeky glass of vino in a beach chiringuito.  I honestly can’t remember!  That was just after I arrived in Barcelona, before I found friends, and I probably did just stay in a lot more.  How depressing.  Now I’ve got used to being out and about and enjoying the city in the sunshine, so what do I do now?  GET A GRIP!  STOP MOANING!  That would be a start at least!

As the paracetamol seems to be working, and not wanting to waste anymore time slobbing around it is time to drag myself out of bed and into the shower.  Come on World, I’m up & as ready as I’ll ever be.  I can always have a siesta later!  Time to work on the blog, organize my holidays for the year and look forward to sunnier days! Flip Flops not too far away

PS dear Summer, please hurry up.  Love Claire.

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