bon profitA girl has got to eat.  And drink. And Barcelona is the perfect place to do it, with hundreds of awesome places to choose from.  The challenge is making sure you avoid the crappy tourist traps and don’t get ripped off paying over the odds for some deep-fried rubber bands disguised as calamari!  Appearances can be deceiving of course, and sometimes the best food can be food in the most unlikely of places.  So in my quest for tasty treats I thought I’d share my opinion on some of my favourite eating and watering holes to help you avoid the poorer offerings around town.

I will also share some of my not so favourite venues, although I don’t tend to go in to the places I don’t like – but if I come across one by accident I will let you know.

The reviews are divided into areas so you can find good places near to where you are – or at least you will when I’ve been there!  Use the drop down menu above to select the area, or the venue you would like to view.  I will add more reviews as soon as I can, so much for the January diet!

Feel free to suggest any new venues to investigate, and any feedback or comments are welcome.

Happy eating and drinking and ‘bon profit’ as they say in Barcelona.

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