BonI love Bon.  I am the mayor there on Foursquare so that says it all.  I work close by, so it is the perfect lunch spot for me.  Due to its location in the working area of Barcelona though it isn’t open at weekends so if you plan on going make sure it is a weekday visit.

The owner is French, and staff are a mixed bunch – it’s a simple set up which seems to work well; the food is a little pricey but is organic, healthy and delicious.  Mostly vegetarian, they have an awesome selection of quiches, soups of the day and 3 salads of the day, which you can choose to mix together if that takes your fancy.  They also have various pre-packed dishes which you can heat up in the microwave provided, or a pre-packed salad – all made fresh that day of course.

My usual selection is a quiche and large salad mix, although I often swap in a bowl of the delicious soup, depending on the flavour.  My favourite soup was a courgette, parmesan and basil concoction that was amazing.  How they manage to come up with the combinations of vegetables I don’t know!

For dessert they have healthy yoghurts, fruit and granola, or if you fancy a treat there’s always a cookie, brownie or even apple crumble to tickle those taste buds (no custard though unfortunately).

It does get busy between 2-2.30pm, so I’d advise arriving for lunch about 1.55pm, and don’t leave it too late as once its gone, its gone.   They also have a selection of recipe books and magazines to read if you’re eating alone, although in nice weather it’s great to grab a table outside and enjoy the day.
The Details:
Enrique Granados 135
08008 Barcelona
Tel: 933 68 74 21

Currently open weekdays only from 9am – 5pm but be sure to check the website for up to date information.

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