Bo de BFor me this place is overrated.  Most of the guidebooks I’ve seen rave about this place, which is the major negative point here as it always means a long wait.  So the sandwiches are good.  But not amazing.  Add to that having to wait 30 mins or more for said sandwich in a queue of tourists?  Not worth it.  And besides it’s a sandwich!  There are plenty of other places to eat for a cheap and quick eat if that’s why you’re going there, and if you’re going there specifically for the sandwich, remember that it is just a sandwich.  That you can find anywhere in the world.  2 pieces of bread with meat and salad and a sauce.  For similar money I would go to Dyonisus, the Greek place on Placa de George Orwell which does awesome pittas stuffed with chicken, salad, feta and falafel.  Or just get some tapas!  When in Barcelona, do as the Barcelonians do; not as the tourists do.

Fusteria 14
08002 Barcelona
Tel: 932 00 97 38

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