The Eponymous el Born in el Born
El Born

One of the most popular areas of Barcelona, this pretty neighbourhood is home to the church of Santa Maria del Mar, the Picasso Museum, the Born Cultural Centre and Ciutadella Park so is well worth a visit.  Hundreds of bars and restaurants line the Passeig del Born, Plazas and the maze of narrow streets is full of hidden treasures to discover.




The classic gothic style Santa Maria del Mar
Santa Maria Del Mar

Strolling along el Passeig del Born you can picture the knights of old jousting along the long avenue, the women buying their vegetables from the market, and the proud rock bearers carrying the stones from the port to the foundations of the church.  An older part of town, it holds many secrets, and Carrer Montcada was once the richest street in Barcelona, filled with grand palaces that now house the Picasso Musuem, restaurants and private homes.  The memorial to the battle 1714 is also alongside the church, its flame never burning out.

Also great for shopping, this is a popular tourist area that still mostly holds on to its old charms.


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