Barcelona loves to party!  With a festival of some kind seemingly every week it is a great opportunity to see local people celebrating their traditions in a vibrant and colourful way.

Santa Eulalia and the Festival of Light (Llum) February 2014

The city lit up in a variety of art displays and installations.  The Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) Building provided a surface for colourful ‘mappings’, and various monuments around the Gothic Quarter and Ciutadella Parc were beautifully illuminated.

A parade of Giants and Big Heads ended in the square, and the figures danced to music – I find the human figures a little scary myself!

Castellers, or human towers, competed in the square in front of the town hall.  These impressive towers showcase the strength, balance and determination of the Catalan people, and the bravery of the children who climb to the top!

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