Ten Simple Pleasures of Travelling

The Fabra Observatory and Villa Olimpica
Views like this are worth hiking for!

There are many simple pleasures in life, that don’t require any technology, hard work or complicated designs.  And for me, most of these can be found through travelling.  I was planning to just do a top 5 list but there are just too many pleasurable aspects to travel!  The sheer joy of discovering something new, leaving your daily grind back in the city, and breathing fresh air somewhere else….. just get me on a plane!

1. The moment you get off an aeroplane and walk into a wall of heat (or cold) and you know you’re far away from home.
Nothing says ‘you’ve arrived’ as that first step you take in the new place; even in airports where everything is pretty much the same but you still notice the differences!

2. Strolling along the beach and feeling the sand beneath your feet, the sun on your skin, and dipping your toes into a warm ocean.
Pure heaven.  Add a cocktail and a hammock and you really can’t beat it.

The Colosseum, Rome
Living history, Gladiator style!

3. The achievement and exhilaration of reaching the peak of a mountain and absorbing the scenery around you as you catch your breath.
Even I, as a not very active person (read: lazy), appreciate a hike up a mountain, as long as the views are worth it!

4. The sense of history in ancient cities and imagining thousands of years before you the people walked these very streets.
For me, history isn’t real until you can touch, smell and see what did so many years ago.  Going to the Colosseum in Rome was simply magnificent, I could practically smell the blood and sweat of the gladiators!

5. Arriving at a hotel late at night, then opening the curtains in the morning to an incredible view.
The best surprise ever. Or potentially the worst, depending on the view!

The Duomo Cathedral in Florence
I shed a tear in Florence, it was so beautiful

6. Being touched so deeply by something you’ve seen that it brings you to tears.
You always remember that trip when you shed a tear. For whatever reason that might have been; the beauty, joy or sadness of that place will stay with you forever.

7. Tasting the local speciality for the first time and loving it so much you eat it every day you’re there.
Pasta in Italy, tapas in Spain, ramen in Japan, haggis in Scotland, pork knuckle in Austria…..Need I say more?

8. Sitting in a café or market square and watching the world go by, chatting with the locals and feeling like part of the furniture.
Don’t just be a tourist. Be a traveller, and take time to connect with the real life of wherever you are.

9. Finally returning home after a long journey and getting into your own bed, with fresh clean sheets and comfy pillows.
There’s nothing quite like your own bed. Especially after a long flight!

The Emperor's Palace, Tokyo
Flicking through photos of previous trips always makes me smile!

10. Looking back at photographs from previous trips and all the memories come flooding back.
That is really why we take photos of our holidays (or at least should do); not for facebook or showing off to our friends – It’s so we can look back in years to come and remember those moments, those feelings, and that amazing place.

The real pleasures of travelling aren’t ticking things off a list from the guidebook. It’s the feelings and emotions you have as you experience something new. Have I missed any of your travelling pleasures off the list? Let me know! 

Happy travels xx



All photographs by Claire Sturzaker & ©Tales of Barcelona

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  1. Caroline Moore says:

    Hi Claire

    Thank you so much for this blog! Very true on all points 1-10, it took me back to some happy travel memories I’m still smiling now. I will be coming back to this blog when I need to be taken back to my travels again, when I need it most… sat a desk waiting fro my next trip!

    Cheers hun

  2. Haha, yes you can tell I’ve got itchy feet again! Can’t wait for my next trip – glad it got you smiling 🙂 x

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