Where to drink in Barcelona: Tasca el Corral

Tasca El Corral Carrer de la Mercè is a fantastic street for bars & tapas restaurants; and if you fancy some cider and cheap & cheerful service then this is your place. Another no-frills bar with simple rustic & delicious food, to be washed down with a bottle of cider or the local speciality ‘leche de pantera’ (panther milk).

The staff are friendly, and patient, posing for photos as they pour the cider as should be done – from a height! Then cheerfully urging you to chug down the drink before it oxidises. The cider does taste different after a few minutes in a glass – and although I don’t necessarily recommend downing the whole bottle in 5 minutes, it does taste better fresh out the bottle.

For food I suggest the simple tostadas – a huge slice of pà amb tomaquet (toasted bread with tomato) piled with various choices of meat or cheese. We plumped for two options to share – simple jamón (ham), and fuet (a cured sausage) – both of which were delicious. There are plenty of other tapas dishes to choose from, I just haven’t managed to work my way through the menu yet!

All in all a great place to stock up before a big night, to pass by for a tipple before an early night, or have a casual lunch. Definitely recommended!

The details:

Tasca el Corral
Carrer de la Mercè, 17

Tel: +34 933 152 059

Open every day from 1pm to 2am (3am on weekends)

Yummy cider - drink it quick!
Yummy cider – drink it quick!
Pouring the cider is a neat trick!
Pouring the cider is a neat trick!

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