Where to Eat in Barcelona: La Paradeta

Pointy Fish!
The Epic Fish Counter

The best fish restaurant in Barcelona.  Another no-frills joint, my kind of place!  Known affectionately by my friends as the ‘pointy fish place’ this restaurant behind the old Born market is a must for seafood lovers.

On entering you are greeted by a fresh fish stall, packed with delights from clams, crabs & oysters to calamari and lobster, and what will become the best tuna steak you’ve ever eaten.

The fishmonger behind the counter asks how many are in your group, then you point to what you’d like (or politely request it) from the counter, they weigh it, pile it into a tray and tell you your table number.  Then shuffle round to the till where you order drinks, extras such as salads, yummy dipping sauces and breads.

Take your drinks and crockery to a free table and wait for the chefs in the kitchen to call your number.  Listen carefully as it can get noisy in there, and you don’t want to miss out!  When you hear your number, take the receipt to the kitchen hatch, and you are rewarded with your order, or at least part of it, and they cross each item off as they go.  Plates of steamed mussels, baby octopus, huge prawns, monkfish and those heavenly tuna steaks drizzled with parsley sauce are swiftly prepared and collected by hungry diners.

Unsurprisingly there are no meat options, and nothing vegetarian apart from the salad, so if you don’t like fish then don’t bother – if you are a fish lover though, you must go!!

The lack of waitresses keeps the costs down, and depending on your order, you can get a great meal for around 25 euros a head.  Of course if you order a lobster each then the price will be higher, but still much better value than anywhere else in Barcelona.   Cash only.

Finger lickin' good prawns!
Yummy Prawns!

The Details:
C/ Comercial 7
Tel. 932 681 939

Open daily (except Monday) for lunch from 1-4pm & dinner from 8pm – 11.30pm / midnight on weekends.  Get there for when the doors open or expect a wait.  No reservations.

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  1. Caroline says:

    I’ve heard about this place… I love fish and this is right up my street ( unfortunately not literally)

    1. Ah, well next time you come to Barcelona you’ll have to give it a try! Seriously the best tuna ever 🙂

  2. Oh yeah…been here, and yes, you definitely have to get there early! People definitely have the patience to wait though. Great place!

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