Where to Eat in Barcelona: Las Empas

Where to Eat in Barcelona: Las Empas

Las EmpanadasThe perfect stop off for an afternoon snack, or a mid-session refuelling, Las Empas offers delicious empanadas to eat in or take away. Owned by an affable Belgian chap who spent several years in Argentina, Las Empas also boasts an impressive selection of craft beers; fusing Argentinian tastiness with continental flair.

All the empanadas I’ve tried are delicious, and I have worked my way through most of the menu. My personal favourite is the Empa Siciliana; stuffed with succulent beef, pine nuts, spices and other delights. Take your pick from the menu, or check out the leader board for the best sellers – and they are so moreish I defy anyone to just have one! The empanadas also come served with a spicy salsa that compliments them perfectly – and is hotter than it looks.

Discounts are offered for bulk buying empanadas, so plan your order with your friends to make the most of it.

Las Empas DJAt weekends they often have live music, and host open mic nights during the week, as well as the occasional free tasting session to test out new recipes. You can even submit your own empanada recipe, and if it’s voted a winner on the website they’ll put it on the menu!

Next time you’re in Gracia and are feeling peckish, pop in here and enjoy.

Carrer Francesc Giner, 6, Barcelona
Tel: 932 177 027
Open every day from 12pm – 12am, or 2am on weekends.

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  1. Sounds like a great place, this is on my list for next time I come to Barcelona. Plus i’m sold on the Empa Siciliana!

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